Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Photos Keep On Coming

Rivington Street
8th Street, far east... possibly?
10th St & Ave. B. And how it looks now.
12th Street & Ave. B. They are mentioned in an article in 1989 in the New York Times and we think this is what it looks like now. The photos just don't quite match up, but it's the only place on the block that makes sense.

Tom McGlynn...saw him just this past New Years Day
2nd Street & Ave. A, Look at the wall now via google.
Not sure which block ... past Ave. D toward East River.


hntrnyc said...

Nice work. Thank you so much for the pics and the links, brought back a lot of memories.

Walter said...

Thanks for sharing these. They're really fantastic. Some of the graffiti is by writers who are still active today. Great stuff.