Sunday, February 08, 2009

Javitz Center

Strolled through the NY Times travel show on Saturday. It was lively, more crowded than I expected. Chatted with some old friends, marveled at the Latvian costumes, ate a lot of Hershey's kisses and drank a good cup of Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee. But the real thrill was watching the attendees of ComicCon, which was happening in the other space. Boy do those people know how to party.

We entered every drawing possible, came home with a dozen pens of every size and shape, a piece of the Blarney Stone (really, that's what it says), some note pads, key chains and other swag, not to mention the free back rub from a hotel in the Poconos, and then fell fast asleep until the buzzer rang and Karen and Steven showed up 2 weeks early for Slim's birthday. So we drank the vodka and ate the pretzels they brought and had a pre-unbirthday celebration.

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I'm a townie said...

That was the best pre-unbirthday party I ever went to.

oooh I forgot my identity was "I'm a townie" A Stuyvesant Townie.