Sunday, January 18, 2009

The A is Under Construction AGAIN

So this hideous monstrosity that faces the wrong way was finished quite some time ago, though they never got a tenant for the ground floor. Now, scaffolding is up AGAIN. Crappy the first time around, more crap coming for the second round of construction.

By the way, this building was put up with the profits made from being among the worst and most egregious rental landlords in the city.

On a more interesting note, the corner of 13th St and Ave A has some history:

Mob boss Salvatore D. Aquila, briefly the head of what would become the Gambino Family, was shot and killed on the corner of Avenue A and 13th Street in 1928. Back in 1895, at 428 East 13th, Maria Barbella, who almost became the first woman to face the electric chair, committed the crime that made her infamous: she slit the throat of an unrequiting lover.

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Ken Mac said...

that is some wild history repeating...that building needs the electric chair