Monday, December 01, 2008

Savory Pie of the Week

Turkey Pot Pie that dripped in the oven setting off the smoke alarm. Then I discovered that my oven mitt has broken the heat prevention barrier and it burned my finger tips as I removed it from the oven. Ouch.


hntrnyc said...

Now that's what I'm talking about! Mind posting the recipe on that one?
The pot pie genre is my kryptonite.

Jill said...

This is the recipe I used but substituted turkey for chicken:

I would, next time, add some corn starch with the flour because it was kind of runny inside. Also, double the seasoning (I used sage, thyme, pepper, salt). Also I would add fresh sliced carrots (not frozen). I used milk instead of cream and I think it actually could have used the cream, or half and half to make it a little richer.

The crust, was very easy to make and sufficient to cover the pie without stretching too far. I had enough left over to make one small pop tart with cherry filling that my mother in law recently brought from Greece. Don't forget to chill the shortening first.

Have fun!

hntrnyc said...

sounds like you try to cook lean like I do (milk for cream subbing). did you line the tin with dough or just top it? "shortening" scares me (hydrogenated fats), but i thought about making this in a corningware type of pot and just laying puff pastry over the top. I've had it that way before. your thoughts?
btw, big thanx for the link to the recipe.

Jill said...

There is no bottom crust in this recipe so I just dropped the crust on top of a corning ware type of thing, like you said. A bottom crust would make it more carb-y and probably a little more satisfying to eat.

Shortening is now made with no trans fats. I'm not entirely sure what's in it, I probably don't want to know. The only other choice for a crust is to use butter, which has it's obvious downside in that you will be eating a stick of butter with your pie. I've tried half butter/half shortening but it didn't work well for me.

I'm still in the crust experiment stage, but this one met the basic requirements of being easy to handle and making enough dough so you aren't trying roll out a paper thin crust.

Alternatively, frozen crust is good. The Pillsbury kind is in the dairy case (not frozen) and is folded, so it's easier to manage for a top crust. The frozen ones get stuck in the tin and shatter into annoying pieces.

hntrnyc said...

Thanx again, I was kinda thinking prepared puff pastry as baking is not my forte. Btw, thanx for the woodhaven comment. Have you ever been to Le Cordon Bleu?