Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Print Photos

I am still in the world of film, but being in this world is dicey because it is difficult to find a place to develop film and print photos with any kind of quality that doesn't cost a fortune. The only place we have found that can provide this service is B&H, which is a big trek to the other side of the world.

Therefore, the rolls of film were piling up and with the most recent batch we got back (9 rolls) there are some from our trip to Hawaii 2 years ago, Canada this past summer, Galapagos this past fall and at least 2 rolls from a time we can't pinpoint. I can tell you that my hair was very long, my face less tired and my son was wearing a suit. Could they be from his graduation from middle school in 2006? It is possible. There are also some photos from a Kentucky Derby that we went to, but I can't remember what year it was.

It is fun to get a surprise load of pictures, and it is one of the reasons I still love film. Also, the $1000 investment in a new camera and lens is not exactly helping me switch, either.

Sadly, they just don't scan as brilliantly as the originals, too grainy and lackluster.

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