Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Ost is Open... Or Not

Rumours of the opening of Ost, on 12th St. & Ave. A are greatly exaggerated. Well, somewhat exaggerated. First, there was the rumour that they were going to be an Eastern European style coffee shop. I saw no sign of that, only a board listing pastries and coffee -- unless that is what coffee shops are like in Eastern Europe, which would be exactly the same as they are here. I had visions of pierogies and compote, but alas, we get danish and espresso.

But what is so unusual is that just after they opened, they are closing for a week, presumably to take time off for the holidays because the rush to open in time for the holidays must have been so exhausting.

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Anonymous said...

According to one of their baristas, they will be introducing eastern european salads, as well as meats and cheeses, after the new year. It seemed pretty busy in there for the first three days, I have a feeling some of the gramstand lovers migrated south for the free wifi