Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Mel Torment

Janice and Chris both sent me the link to this post on WFMU about Mark Ashwill and Julie's Mel Torment tape. Listen to these recordings, they are great fun.

Here is a scan of the artwork I have from that tape. Any others out there? Would be great to see them.

Note: I just listened to my tape and the recordings on this site, and the songs I have are completely different... Listening to these songs is like getting to have a moment with Mark again, like he's in the living room, breaking a chair or something.


Anonymous said...

Hi Jill
For some reason I was thinking about Mark today and googled him for the hell of it... and found not only your cool blog, but this recent post and link to his tape with Julie.

This is Peter Wiley, former NYer current SFer, friend of Janice and Chris and Mark et al. Hope you remember me, its been a long time.

I miss New York and your blog is a great vicarious visit. Best to you and Slim and Max, and a zillion years ago I used to go see The Butthole Surfers every chance I could get.

Jill said...

Peter! Of course I remember you. How are you doing out there? I think of you every time I'm on Canal Street remembering that very cool apartment you lived in.

Buttholes are playing Dec 30 & 31 in SF at the Fillmore, I suggest you go. Tickets were still available as of yesterday as I dream of a way to get out there, but airfares are just too high and I don't have the extra 6 days to take a bus. Their recent show in Brooklyn was really, really good.

Max is in high school, can you believe it!

Great to hear from you.