Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The Ciao for Now Empire Expands

After the brand new west side version of Ciao for Now became a fiery mess during a manhole cover explosion last week, they quietly opened a third location on Avenue A, sharing the space with that store that sells gifty stuff made of used stuff that just moved themselves a few doors down into a bigger space. I was wondering how they were going to sell that much more recycled stuff in this giant new store, when I spotted the blackboard announcing their new food partner. When I went in they weren't quite yet up and running, but that was sometime over the weekend, so I suspect that by now they have got it all stocked up and going. In addition to sugary treats and hot beverages, they might also offer pre-made salads and sandwiches. For the fresh lunch items you will have to trek over to 12th St., but if you are in need of a quick fix, I recommend the apple turnover.

And speaking of recycled stuff, I like this blog from Brooklyn. I have a dream of having the time and talent to make stuff, and a new storage space to put it in. Since I don't and can't, one must live vicariously. For you readers living in houses (Annie that means you I know you're there), I hope you get inspiration from ideas like making a bathroom out of used subway station signs or some other such recycled stuff.

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