Friday, November 07, 2008

Oedipus Complex

A combination of all three Oedipus plays (are they plays or poems or what?) are being staged at The Pearl Theater on St. Mark's Place. It is three hours long (I wish I knew that BEFORE I bought the ckets), but if you are looking to tick off the Oedipus series from your life list of theater, now is the time. For only $25 you get a serious night of theater. And cookies are only an additional $1 at the concession. And FREE water.

While three hours of paying attention to Sophocles can sound ... tiring ... it actually was pretty engaging. The only low point was the actor who played Oedipus as a young man who finds out that he indeed killed his father and married his mother. The other actors were fantastic, and really brought this odd world of gods and monsters to life.

While I was distracted by their modern sandals with rubber soles, it was really fun to sit in the front row, where the actors could spit on us, and where we could see the stabbed eyes of Oedipus up close. However, the seats are so close to the stage that the husband commented that it was like sitting on a Mexican bus. But without the chickens.

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