Saturday, November 01, 2008

Ciao for Now Has Moved

Ciao For Now has moved their space down the block on E 12th Street, closer to Ave. B, after not being able to get an adequate renewal lease from their slumlord. They moved last night, on Halloween, amidst fire trucks and trick or treaters.

Their new space is 2 storefronts, so now they have plenty of seating for even more lounging and drooling over their pastries. My favorite is the apple turnover, first thing in the morning when it is still warm from the oven. And while I think they most people thinnk of them as a bakery and coffee shop, if you haven't had lunch there, you are certainly missing out. Reasonably priced, even after their recent increases, they serve salads and sandwiches that are individually prepared using only real, fresh ingredients, probably organic. It is arguably the best lunch value in the East Village. I would recommend any of the salads and the three cheese grilled cheese. Or anything else. It is all really good.

They also recently opened a 2nd location on 10th Street just west of 6th Avenue which I happened to walk by yesterday. It is small with little seating, but serving the same menu as the East Village location.

Stop by, congratulate Kevin and Amy (and their brood) on their new store, which includes a giant basement office, and celebrate with a cup of coffee and a mini-cupcake.

The Old

And The New

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EV Grieve said...

Thanks for the update...I'm glad they were able to find another space.

I also need to start going here more're right, Jill -- it is a good bargain.