Thursday, October 09, 2008

Family Ties

My sister (half sister), who I haven't seen since 1996, is now all growed up, living in Texas and married with 2 gorgeous kids. It was a wonderful dinner, but too short. Her husband is as wonderful as she, and hopefully will have some business in the area soon so will be visiting more. I was a little worried about whether we would click--he's an ex-military guy from Texas, she a Southern California cheerleader, but we did and I'm smiling til Tuesday. I can't get over how impressed I am with them, funny, interesting, smart, and well... it was good to see them. They would make great New Yorkers, Texas doesn't deserve them. Warm and fuzzies all around.

An embarrassing picture of her, around 1986
And Now, not so embarrassing at all.

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SP said...

Okay, that photo is very embarrassing...

We had fun seeing you - let's not go another 12 years!! hope vacation was great - can't wait to see the pics.