Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Jello Makes You Stupid

I am so depressed that our first woman president might turn out to be Sarah Palin once McKain dies from cancer that I went to a fancy restaurant in a loathesome glass building. I loudly expressed moral outrage at the Richard Meyer structure above our heads, and the fact that such a huge restaurant only had 15 tables, half of them empty and they still made us wait 1/2 hour because we had no reservations, and that anybody in their right mind would prefer to live in a cute west village house than a glass horrorshow, but I wasn't paying, so instead I did the bad thing and ate it all - the bread, 6 giant asparagus, the lemony fried chicken, the tart and the marshmallow puff at the end. So now I'm on my way to eating cake for dinner every night again. Tonight I thought I would try to suffocate the craving for more cake by making something with chemical pudding and I found out that on the jello website, the Top 10 Favorite Recipes total 28. And it's a flash page so I can't even link to it directly.

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EV GIRRL said...

I don't like Palin either--
the dessert looks delish