Thursday, September 25, 2008

A Face Lift for the Hallway

Just a mere few months after the landlord painted the hallways and retiled the floors, they are DOING IT AGAIN. The tiles on the floor will be the 3rd layer, with the new ones being laid right on top of the old. (And FYI the first layer of tiles are absolutely beautiful though a bit cracked -- 1" mosaic tiles laid in a lovely pattern that take a lot of work and thought to lay down. They were covered up about 15-20 years ago by yet another idiot landlord.)

The lower half of the walls are now painted gray, casting a ghoulish glow that feels like squalor. The funny part is that they started putting down the floor before finishing painting the stairs and rail, so when they get around to that, the new tiles are sure to be destroyed by paint splash immediately.

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