Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Baby Keeps Growing Up

There are a few signal moments in your child's life where you absolutely notice that he has grown. Where it hits you right then and there while you are gaping at him.

For me, here are a few:

- Rolling over on the couch (as an infant) during the 2 seconds I stopped staring at him
- Reading the title of a movie he had never before seen, out loud, when I didn't realize quite how well he could read
- Not doing homework for a few weeks in 3rd Grade just to see if he would get caught (yes he did)
- Doing a full flip into a swimming pool from the edge when I barely knew how well he could swim
- Strolling through Fairway requesting brie and baguettes for lunch
- Underarm hair (need I say more?)

And then, this past weekend, I realized how developed his sense of humor had become. We were in a diner eating a late lunch. He ordered a way too big burger medley and I had an egg salad sandwich. In an effort to save my carbs for later I didn't eat the top piece of rye bread. At that, Max said he thought the term for an open faced sandwich was illogical. There is nothing sandwiched when you only have one piece of bread. In reality, an open faced sandwich is just a piece of bread with an extravagant topping. To further his argument, he used the analogy of toast, which we DON'T call an open faced butter sandwich.

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