Saturday, June 14, 2008

Can't Get it Together

I did make a promise to become more involved in my Community Board, and I haven't done it. I've missed the last 2 meetings due to 1)forgetting 2)laziness 3)not looking at my calendar.

However, there is proof that I went to one. Here we are sitting in the audience, as captured by The Villager. I hope that my new bike riding skills will elevate my ability to get around the city and will compel me to fulfill my duty to me neighborhood and have my say about liquor licenses, noise and permits.

Also, it's a very glossy synopsis of the goals of our landlord of massive and gross profits for shareholders over maintaining affordable housing. (And I am getting the feeling that the new tenants who are paying $2800-$3200 for a tiny 3 room apartment are realizing what they got themselves into with crazy, screaming neighbors who are sometimes taken away in straightjackets, the continued lack of actual hallway cleaning, broken front doors and the prospect of more construction in their midst since the Stop Work Order has been lifted. )

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