Sunday, March 23, 2008

Saturday in the City, Photos

Walking east on 15th Street, after a wonderful afternoon seeing The Spirit of Uganda.

And then, upon reaching Union Square, we came across the pillow fight.

And then, to counter the violence of hitting with pillows, a Tibetan march against China came through the square.

Spring is in the air and the ice cream trucks are out in full force. And notice, this year, they have raised the price for a cone to $3.00. Inflation and recession are here. Remember when they were $1? It seemed like cones were always $1.00 until not that long ago. Every year for the past few years they increase by .50. I suppose the cost of fuel isn't helping, and these trucks don't seem to be very gas-efficient. Happy summer! Click here for the Mister Softee song.

And then, Angelica's. What's up with this building? Does anybody know? I think they must own the building as it has been empty for many years now but the store remains (sort of) open. Also, it has to be at least 10 years ago that they put in tables and announced that they would be adding a cafe. That never happened, but the tables and hot food buffet station are still there. They open at 1:00 in the afternoon and are closed most of the times I walk by. We ventured inside for the first time in forever, and found the book section is completely gone. Also, we noticed a printout from a realtor of the building's specs, for sale.East Village Cheese, the best cheese bargains in town. And olives. And sliced meats. And all sorts of tasty things in jars.

Several blocks away from Union Square, the feathers are drawn to the tar, how cliche.

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