Thursday, September 06, 2007


It's not recommended to spend your annual vacation when you have a big decision hanging over your head. That is how I spent two weeks in Hawaii, contemplating leaving my job and what would be in store for me. Was I making the right decision? What would I say when I quit? Would I be able to resist the tempatation to vent about all the things I hate about the company or keep my cool and focus on the positive aspects of the future? So I didn't sleep much in Hawaii and I fretted about my situation, with the result that I phoned in my resignation on the last day of my vacation. It was a weird thing to do but I felt like I wanted to give them an early heads up about it and I wanted to try to get my Labor Day weekend back. By sealing the deal I thought I would buy myself some zzzz's. No such luck, I had terrible jetlag and it didn't matter.

The good news is that I am starting a new job soon. I will have some very cool travel opportunities but they will be fewer and further between. That is truly the only downside that I can see (well there is the not so great health insurance plan that the new company has). I will cut my commuting time more than half and never have to see the Long Island Expressway bumper to bumper again. I will be forwarding my career in the direction I had wanted to go before I got sidetracked by the last 3 years. And I will be working for someone I truly love and respect in an environment that is professional and respectful of human beings. What a concept.

Onward and upward. The future is bright!

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