Monday, July 16, 2007

Oh To Be a Tourist

Well it's summer and I can only wish I was on vacation, which won't happen for another MONTH. It is too long to wait.

Since we live in one of the hottest vacation spots in the world (don't ask me why but it is and I might mean hot like warm but I mean hot like you can't get a decent hotel room for under $300) we decided to spend a day being tourists. What fun we had taking pictures with my new camera (yay new camera) and enjoying a weekend around the city.

First we rode The Beast, which wasn't too beastly but it was fun nonetheless. Seeing the city from a water's eye view is always nice, and since The Beast is only half an hour, it isn't boring. They say in the literature that we would get wet, which we didn't, unless you count the bouncer-dudes who run the boat's watergun and water balloons which do ensure that everyone gets a nice splash. The loud rock and roll music was well synched and added a great musical backdrop. We drove from the pier to the Statue of Liberty and back, with a moment to stop and take photos, and of course, get squirted.

On our way back to the subway we did stumble across the ultimate destination: Kwik E Mart. We have been very big Simpsons fans, since the very beginning, so coming across the store was really great. Pink donuts, Krusty-O's, Duff Beer and Buzz Cola. Even the cash registers had Indian guys, but mine spoke not a word of English or else he was tired of people trying to hear if he sounded like Apu, but he wouldn't utter a peep.

Then for some shopping at the big Toys R Us where the ferris wheel is no longer free (and there is no longer a line either!). Then to Lord & Taylor, which used to be my favorite place to buy bras. It is now my least favorite place since they stopped carrying my brand, which I have been buying there for at least 20 years. Then a stop at the cheese store where they have really really really cheap and interesting cheese and snacks like fresh olives, grape leaves, halvah (yum just thinking about it), fancy breads and more.

Lunch at a really disgusting diner that didn't have sufficient toilet paper.

And of course walking home we always have to stop and sigh at the Physical Graffiti building. And then lament that it is still half a year away from the grand opening of LED ZEPPELIN THE RIDE.

How exhausting. So we ate chocolate pudding for dinner and watched The Illustionist between snores.

The next day, brunch in the middle of the Village with relatives that we rarely see, but always great when we do, and then for the finale, snacks in the garden with girlfriends and butterflies where we demolished all that lovely cheese.

Life in NY is surely good.


SP said...

Sounds fun! I love the Simpson's Quickie Mart. What good tourists you were!

Laure said...

My roommate gets her bras at Lord & Taylor. I think she goes there because the saleswoman does a good job of fitting her. Was that your experience at all?

Jill said...

I've never had that experience at Lord & Taylor, I just like their selection, not too many frilly bras but a lot of practical ones.