Saturday, March 03, 2007

Peace At Last!

For over 13 years we have been wondering how to find peace and quiet in a tiny apartment shared with a baby, now a young man. We have redecorated Max's room at least once a year, trying to find the perfect setup, but still, he spent all his time in the living room. We've had a bassinet, crib and captain's bed, and about a year ago, built a loft bed to make room underneath for a desk. Did he ever once sit at the desk? Maybe once. We've moved furniture around and around, and added Ikea closets to hide the junk, and make more room ... for the chair that goes with the desk. But no use. He brings his laptop, cord dragging, into the living room and plugs in, wearing headphones, playing World of Warcraft, talking into the microphone with his friends. Annoying doesn't begin to describe my feelings on this subject.

Then we had the brilliant idea of getting rid of the dresser and moving all his clothes into the closet. Well it sounds obvious but it never occurred to us to use the closet for clothes - I mean it was FILLED with toys, books, towels, tools, suitcases and a whole lot of junk. So we threw away all the toys he never plays with, sold some on eBay, (well, still selling them slowly, check me out). This made room for a couch. Not a real couch, not enough room for extras like armrests, but we had a custom tri-folding foam couch made that unfolds to a fullsize bed (not that there is enough room to unfold it), for a mind-boggling amount of money, and it is hideous green, but it is a couch. In his room. For him to sit on.

And then we had to buy a tv. No, a regular tv wasn't good enough. It had to be flat screen and have a built in DVD player (to make room on the desk for the newly purchased against my will PS2). But now, he has a place that sits 3 skinny people in front of a tv and a game thing. AND TONIGHT HE HASN'T EMERGED FROM HIS ROOM.

I think we have finally found peace.

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