Thursday, March 09, 2006

Yellow Feverish

I am going to Brazil next week, and it was recommended that I get the yellow fever vaccine and anti-malaria pills. My appointment was the day of the last snow storm and I work far-ish away from the city so I couldn't make it in time. The travelers medicine clinic recommended that I try the medical clinic located at JFK Airport, Cargo Area C, which happens to be closer to my job and on my way home. It is a walk-in facility and the shot was administered by an EMT. The whole thing was just odd.

However, that is the background to the point of why I write this. The point is that Oxford, my medical insurance, which has a very high premium, would not cover the $120 cost of the vaccine. They will, however, cover any medical expenses incurred if I come down with yellow fever. I'm thinking of trying to encourage the mosquitos to ignore my vaccine and to give me the disease just to prove my point and make Oxford pay.

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Dhskee said...

I don't know any mosquitos on a first name basis, but I will try to pass the message along.
In the meantime, send a link to your blog to Hillary. She's keen on health care isues.