Sunday, November 14, 2010

New Yorker Art Walk

For the second year I was fortunate to attend New Yorker's "Passport to the Arts" Art Walk. One of the best promotional events the magazine puts on, they give you a booklet to take to about 20 galleries in Soho and Chelsea to get it stamped with a big rubber stamp made by the featured artist in that gallery. It allows you to take home, in your pocket, a small piece of art and a souvenir of the day. Later in the evening, you can buy various small pieces of those same artworks, among other items, in a silent auction.

I am guessing that this event is what made the streets of Chelsea so jam packed, but for any entrepreneurs reading this, on a nice Saturday afternoon, somebody, anybody, could make a fortune selling water and snacks somewhere near 10th Avenue. One hotdog stand just isn't sufficient, and there isn't a single deli.

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