Monday, April 27, 2009

Times Square Spanglish Steps

The construction in the middle of Times Square has been going on so long I didn't even notice it anymore...that is until it was gone.

What have they been building on the TKTS spot for the past forty five years (or was this the spot where the Army recruitment center used to be?) Some red steps, presumably to rival those in Italy, which they emphatically don't. Italians can breathe easier, nobody will come here to sit on our steps instead of theirs.

And to add to the flavor, the floor in front of this public seating area is made of subway grating, I think to keep the hookers from spending too much time standing around in their pointy high heels. Hookers? There are no hookers in Times Square anymore. They were just being sentimental.

And on the L train platform, who do we meet? There are no words for this, though I would like to hear from anybody who knows what was going on here.


Jill said...

My mother emailed this to me

but it still doesn't answer...WHY?

EV Grieve said...

Um, the bouncy rides seems so wrong.... Is that a dude in there?