Monday, November 03, 2008

Kim's Is Open

The new Kim's is up and running (1st Ave around 8th Street) with a large selection of hard to find DVDs and also a decent selection of alternative music in addition to the mainstream stuff. It's definitely not the run of the mill collection, which hopefully will keep them in business. Even if we can no longer get sausage, at least we can get music and DVDs in a package, to clutter up our homes.

I went in on Halloween, and the sales guy said business isn't as brisk as he'd like, but he was sure I would help spread the word and they would succeed, which I am doing right here and now.

They are offering 30% off everything, which sounds like the usual pitch, but I scored the re-released (with bonus extras!) the first Butthole Surfers CD for around $11, which is certainly a great price compared to Amazon or Virgin. I only had it on an old scratchy tape so I was glad for the upgrade. It will also be a good stop on the holiday shopping circuit, with some interesting selections for everybody on your list.

To celebrate, find herewith The Shah Sleeps in Lee Harvey's Grave, the most awesome first song on a first album, ever. Ever.

CRANK IT UP and smoke Elvis Presley's toenails. Shut up.

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